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Fans Unlike Any Others

We've all been dropped before..some more than others. was born in 2010 after a weekend of bike racing. A few friends were looking at photos of the weekend races where it didn't go so well for one of us and somebody said hey "You Got Dropped!"


An idea sparked to create a blog (blogs were hot in 2010) to showcase droppage in local road races around the Mid-Atlantic region all the while having a little fun. We'd poke a little fun at those that got dropped or maybe were just taking themselves a little too seriously at a bike race. 

 Of course the general blogosphere started to die out but we've kept an online presence, most notably with our t-shirt.  One shirt. The next thing we knew, our shirts were being shipped all over the world. We have shipped to Europe, South America, New Zealand and we are huge in Japan!

Image by Coen van de Broek

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